A beaded necklace featuring a belt buckle pendant

A beaded necklace featuring a belt buckle pendant

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Remember back in the 1990's when OTT belt buckles were the rage? My daughter and I certainly do. When they inevitably went out of fashion, I was loathe to relinquish them entirely, so I set them aside until inspiration struck, and strike it did.

The necklace below features a belt buckle turned pendant.  It is set in metal and features faux turquoise beads. Were you to turn the pendant over you would still see the attachment reminding you of its previous life and use. The pendant is supported by four large wooden beads and two ceramic ones.

  • buckle length 8cm
  • overall length 27cm
  • metal lobster claw clasp
  • threaded using quality multi strand, plastic coated wire
  • beaded necklace