Long before upcycling and repurposing become everyday words, and before "Reuse, Recycle and Reduce" became a mantra, I was inspired to make something new from something old. I'm particularly drawn to beads, brooches and earrings that are dated, dull or kept for purely sentimental reasons. I reimagine them into something totally different. By combining a number of disparate items I create bold, one-off necklaces that can't be bought anywhere else.


Shop and online outlets (read my blog for more information and links)

In addition to designing and creating my one-off beaded necklaces, I’ve also been looking to increase Bijou Rebooted’s visibility, not just the website:,  or social media: Instagram: @bijourebooted, but by showcasing my designs in local outlets. I've looked to partner with establishments that champion and support local artisans and promote the ethos of ‘shop local’ ,  ‘support small businesses’, ‘handmade with love’.

All three of the shops I currently sell my jewellery in have several things in common; they are all run by passionate, enthusiastic and very capable women. All artisans in their own right, they are on a mission to spotlight local artists and to provide customers with a pleasant, welcoming environment in which to buy unique and unusual gifts and keepsakes. 

The shops are:

  • Walrus & Oyster Emporium based in Canterbury’s Burgate
  • Canterbury Makers located in Canterbury’s Marlowe Arcade in Whitefriars
  • Westgate Galleria in the seaside town of Westgate-on-Sea, next to Margate, in Station Rd.

Bijou Rebooted can also be found on the following websites:

  • Rejewel Collective.