From unused to funky craft jewellery

When a friend told me of her impending birthday, one with a zero at the end of it, I racked my brains to think of something personal and unique I could give her. Then the idea came to me - I could reimagine any jewellery she might have.

I maintain that every woman has a drawer full of 'guilty' jewellery, somewhere to keep things they had given but don't actually like to wear or things they do like but are broken and have never gotten around to ever repairing.

When I mentioned this to Susie her response was nothing short of enthusiastic. Here is her reaction to the finished necklaces:

upcycled jewellery

"Jovanka totally transformed a bundle of my of old and unused jewellery into an entirely new range of funky, updated items that look absolutely stunning for any and all occasions! 

I gave her a variety of tangled up necklaces, bracelets, earrings and other items some of which were broken and others which had never been worn simply because they hadn’t felt right on me for whatever reason. Many had sentimental value and I was very sad to leave them sitting in a box or drawer, not necessarily unwanted, but unworn nevertheless. 

No more, thanks to Jovanka’s eye for creativity! I gave her carte blanche to use it all in anyway she was inspired to do so and I was absolutely delighted with the results.  They could easily have come from an upmarket boutique or vintage dress shop, not from the depths of my dressing table drawers. 

Even my impossible to please 16-year old daughter sees fit to borrow them.

Thank you, Jovanka! I definitely recommend Bijou Rebooted to anyone looking to reboot, recyle and update their jewellery collection."

upcycled jewellery

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