Give a unique handmade necklace this Valentine's Day

It wasn't until I started thinking about Valentine's Day that I realised just how many necklaces I have made over the years featuring heart shaped pendants.

There are glass, silver and wooden hearts. Ones made from tiger's eye, rose quartz and turquoise. Ones shaped from wire. Different sizes and different shapes. There are yet more hearts in my workshop waiting for a makeover.

As a symbol of love the heart shape is both enduring and makes for the perfect Valentine's Day gift. So, if you're looking to give your heart to a special loved one, what better token than a one of a kind necklace?

There are options on the website.

Nine heart shaped pendant handmade necklaces for St Valentines Day

with a two further being sold in Canterbury in the Walrus & Oyster Emporium shopwindow via their click and collect service:

Handmade necklaces, heart shaped pendant necklaces in Walrus and Oyster, Canterbury window display

Wishing you all a love-filled St.Valentine's day. 




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