How to make charm necklaces and charm bracelets

Taking stock of my jewellery a few years ago, I realised I had a large number of small pendants and charms. Increasingly living by the mantra ‘use it or lose it’ which basically means I hate owning things that are stored away in drawers, never to be seen or used, I decided to combine them into an item I would wear.

I decided to attach each of the pendants onto plain silver link chain, creating a charm bracelet.

I enjoyed wearing this bracelet but after a few years I felt an update was in order, so I adapted an underused silver necklace, adding it to the bracelet, in order to make a ‘charming’ necklace. It looked particularly good when I wore it with masculine work shirts.

Needless to say, after a few years of this design, I had the urge for yet another reincarnation. So, I have now disassembled the charms and am in the process of creating more delicate versions of my more usual beaded necklaces.

These are the first ones to be completed.

four charm necklaces

I’ve decided to sell these first designs through my Canterbury Makers shop outlet, but if you are interested in any of the items do get in touch to arrange an on-line sale.

And, what of the leftover silver necklace and bracelet? My plan is to donate them to one of my Rejewel Collective colleagues so that they can take their journey further still. One of them will reimagine the silver into yet more new creations, giving more pleasure for years to come. Watch this space.


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