Outlets with ethos of 'shop local' and 'support small businesses'.

In addition to designing and creating my one-off beaded necklaces, I’ve also been looking to increase Bijou Rebooted’s visibility, not just the website: www.bijou-rebooted.co.uk,  or social media: Instagram: @bijourebooted, but by showcasing my designs in local outlets. I've looked to partner with establishments that champion and support local artisans and promote the ethos of ‘shop local’ ,  ‘support small businesses’, ‘handmade with love’.

All three of the shops I currently sell my jewellery in have several things in common; they are all run by passionate, enthusiastic and very capable women. All artisans in their own right, they are on a mission to spotlight local artists and to provide customers with a pleasant, welcoming environment in which to buy unique and unusual gifts and keepsakes. 

These outlets are:  

Walrus & Oyster Emporium based in Canterbury’s Burgate.

Facebook: Walrus & Oyster 

Instagram: @walrusandoyster.

Walrus and Oyster, Canterbury, shop front and Bijou rebooted necklaces

Canterbury Makers located in Canterbury’s Marlowe Arcade in Whitefriars. 

Facebook: Canterbury Makers 

Instagram: @canterbury_makers 

Canterbury Makers, shopfront and Bijou necklace

Westgate Galleria in the seaside town of Westgate-on-Sea, next to Margate, in Station Rd. 

Facebook: Westgate Galleria 

Instagram: @westgategalleria 

Westgate Galleria, shopfront and Bijou Rebooted necklaces


Made In Kent, Bijou Rebooted necklaces

And finally, but by  no means least, I’m proud to say that I'm a member of the Rejewel Collective, a UK created global incentive made up of passionate individuals who design and make jewellery from used items. They have been inspired to try and  break the fast fashion cycle, working towards  a waste free future.

During this year’s Fashion Revolution Week they launched an upcycling service for people to donate their unwanted jewellery, safe in the knowledge it will remerge as something new and desirable.

National Geographic listed the Rejewel Collective as one of its 26 'eco tips' in their feature on 'How To Live Lighter On The Planet'.

national geographic article on rejewel collective

Everything I’ve been doing to date, the reasons behind my work can all be summed up by this Collective – it’s attitude, the approach of its founder and all its wonderful inspirational members. I look forward to seeing Bijou Rebooted growing alongside this Collective, both gaining momentum and likeminded clients. 

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